Basic Ophthalmology: Essentials for Medical Students, 10th ed.: : Medicine & Health Science Books @ Medicine & Health Science Books @ Basic Ophthalmology: Essentials for Medical Students, 10th ed. $ (2) In Stock. This book deals with the basic concepts, fundamentals and recent advances in ophthalmology. It provides guidance on the latest diagnostic approach, operative .

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    Basic Ophthalmology Book

    This book has been published in good faith that the material provided by author is In essence, Basic Ophthalmology is both a 'textbook' and a 'notebook' that. Basic Ophthalmology book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Basic Ophthalmology is an ideal complement to the medical student curriculum With this book, clinicians will learn how to obtain an appropriate ocular history.

    Free shipping for individuals worldwide Usually dispatched within 3 to 5 business days. Rent the eBook Rental duration: 1 or 6 month low-cost access online reader with highlighting and note-making option can be used across all devices About this book Basic Sciences in Ophthalmology aims to link clinical ophthalmology directly to its basic science roots. This first volume describes the physics and chemistry required for a sound understanding of modern ophthalmology. The book opens with an extensive discussion of the interaction of light with matter and the way in which light is used in ophthalmic examinations and treatments. After describing traditional methods of imaging, particular emphasis is placed on modern instrumentation such as OCT. The interaction between light and tissues in different types of laser treatment is also addressed. The chemistry section focuses on compounds particularly relevant to the eye, such as oxygen and water. The origin and consequences of oxidative stress are reviewed, and the physical behavior of chemical compounds in the eye is explained. Understanding is facilitated through the use of many examples taken from the field of ophthalmology. The text is complemented by about figures. He studied medicine at the Universities of Fribourg and Bern and submitted his thesis in the field of neurobiology in After the residency in neurology, medicine, and ophthalmology in Switzerland, he became a Research Fellow at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

    Basic Ophthalmology by Jogi Renu

    It is clearly sis on disease groups. In addition to ISBN 1 8 aimed at the busy primary care doc- the common lack of discussion of dry Price: In addition, the book lists mon in basic textbooks in ophthalmo- outline form for medical students.

    In the chapter on chronic vis- mary health care personnel and doc- who wish to pursue a particular topic.

    This are largely omitted. However, a brief systemic diseases. The ing for the medical student.

    The anat- lens, seems appropriate in such a book, last chapter focuses on drugs and the omy of the orbit and the optic cup given the high incidence of cataract eye. The photographs in the book are are well discussed, for example, but surgery in our part of the world. The chapters eye is a brilliant addition to the book page is slightly drab.

    Any book with relatively few pages treatments are clearly described. Overall, this is a very comprehen- that attempts to take on such a task for Updates have been added accordingly, sive book and deserves to be an integ- non-ophthalmic readers will obviously on, for example, the latest treatment ral part of every emergency clinic and not delve deeply into ophthalmic dis- modalities for macular degeneration.

    Basic Ophthalmology by Renu Jogi

    The approach used There is no major downside to this here is therefore very successful. It book, but there are several minor ones.

    Holz and Richard F. Spaide, edited by Krieglstein and Weinreb.

    Basic Ophthalmology by Renu Jogi

    The book starts with an excellent Editors Holz and Spaide have done an excel- chapter on optical coherence tomogra- Medical Retina lent job with the book. It is short and phy and macular oedema.

    Optical In: Essentials in Ophthalmology yet manages to give a comprehensive coherence tomography is one of the G. Krieglstein and R. Its easy- emerge in ophthalmology recently and pages to-read pages include good illustrations Abouzeid and Wolfensberger provide Springer, and excellent summarizing paragraphs.

    Hardcover EUR Access Basic Ophthalmology in a convenient, user-friendly digital format from your smartphone or tablet with the Academy eBooks app. Or read it online from your computer. Print ISBN: Advanced Search. Basic Ophthalmology: Essentials for Medical Students, Tenth Edition.

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