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    [Leonard's] most satisfying book since Out of work from one of our most gifted and consistently entertaining writers.”—New York T. Fire in the Hole by Elmore Leonard, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Read Fire in the Hole Online. Our friends at HarperCollins have made the entire story, Fire in the Hole available to read online. Click on the “Browse Inside”.

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    Fire In The Hole Elmore Leonard Pdf

    Fire in the Hole DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [Elmore Leonard] - ARTBYDJBOY- BOOK. Book annotation not available for this Fire in the HoleAuthor. Fire in the Hole is a 60 page novel written by Elmore Leonard. Plot Overview U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens journeys back to his roots in an Eastern Kentucky. Fire in the Hole: Stories [Elmore Leonard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “[Leonard's] most satisfying book since Out of Sight.

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    But I don't want to know what they're doing, and so I don't want to interfere with their work. So that - I write these about Raylan and about the kind of characters that he is confronted with, and I'm happy about it.

    And they get to use what they want. But I can't - I just cannot see myself sitting and not working if I'm getting paid. Our number is , and our email address is talk npr. I'm quite interested, Elmore, in the matter of watching your - a story that you conceived of live and grow beyond the covers of the book that you wrote that might have inspired the film.

    You wrote the book for - that became the film "Get Shorty. Your books have inspired stories. And now with this hit show on the FX channel, "Justified," I find it fascinating that the pilot is based very much on your short story "Fire in the Hole," but it then lives on for years and years afterward.

    So I'd like to just listen to - a little bit of a spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the pilot, but it was two seasons back - the closing scene in which two characters, your main character, Raylan Givens, who's your hero and the main character of your new book "Raylan.

    And I just need to explain it, because we all know the obvious. Raylan wins the shootout. Let's listen to that. Well, should we just do us a shot of Jim Beam, just for old time's sake? You really did.

    You did it. You called it. In your short story, that same shootout happens and then Raylan is asked, is he dead?

    And you say - and Raylan answers, well, he is now. In the short story, he dies and so Then they said, wait a minute, this guy is so good, let's - we got to keep him alive because I was disappointed when Boyd Crowder died. I said, he's too good to lose, and they all felt the same way.

    So they worked a little different, re-shot the scene, I guess. He's the perfect counterpart for Raylan. Let's bring in Aaron from Fort Dodge, Iowa. No, I just wanted to say, first off, thanks to Elmore Leonard. I recently have gotten into the genre of Westerns. And in my attempt to get into the genre, I kind of dipped into short stories, and I ran across a couple of collections of his short stories, and I really gravitated to him.

    I kind of liked him quite a bit, and I just - I guess my question, just to get to the point then is could you tell us - could Mr. Leonard tell us about his early years writing those short stories, the kind of pulp fiction-y Western tales.

    And, you know, with that, you know, the days of living hand to mouth, and kind of learning to be a writer for, you know, literally to put food on the table and a roof over the head. Or was this, you know, what was that evolution as a writer like?

    There were a lot of pulp magazines, like Dime Western and 10 Story Western that were still being published. The better ones paid two cents a word. And I thought I like Westerns.

    I didn't read them, but I loved Western movies, so I decided I'm going to get in on this. So I was working at an ad agency, but I'd get up in the morning at 5 o'clock and I'd write - it took me a couple of months to get up. But I would write for two hours and I would write two pages. At that time, I could write a page an hour - not anymore.

    But - so I would - at that time, during the '50s, I wrote 30 short stories and sold them and five books, and a couple were made in the movies. So I was on my way. So at least it was worthwhile in the '50s. I want to bring in Sirley ph from Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

    And they suggested that I mention two particularly hilarious polluter sketches from your Florida series. The polluter who - two elderly couples staying in a motel, he leaves the motel gets eaten by an alligator, or - yeah, alligator. And the other one is the polluter who got a dump truck full of trash dumped into his convertible. I don't think they were called polluters in the story. No, but an - you got to put an alligator in the story if you're setting it in Florida.

    And this guy who was somebody - what was paid to get him out of the way, and they - I think what they did was just dump a lot of cement into his convertible, and he was still in it. SIRLEY: And then the trek out into the wilderness with that renegade, I think he was one-eyed, lived in a hovel, and they called him the king, or the emperor, or the prince.

    Sirley, thanks for your call. And you're inspiring me to go back to these Florida stories. I want to talk to you, very briefly, about your famous 10 rules for writing. I'm not sure how far back those were published, but Year of They've lived on forever. You have 10 very practical rules, literally for - I think, you intend them fully for people who want to write and who want to have success, and they are And that afternoon, I wrote the 10 rules and I recited them at the end of my talk.

    And then I came off the stage and someone is - and I was holding this sheet of paper with the 10 rules written in longhand. And someone came out to me and said, could I have those? I said, yeah and I gave them to him. Probably I But now, I realize they should be taken seriously.

    At least I took them seriously so Perhaps that's was the reason. Augustine, Florida. Leonard, I was wondering in your writing process, when you're writing something for the page or for the screen, what is the point that you usually begin from? And I'll take my answer off the air. I don't - I'm not sure what you mean. When I begin to write, how do I start? I haven't seen the movie. Four stars, absolutely four solid stars. The title story, When Women Come Out to Dance the last story along with two other stories I would rate higher but the remaining and majority short stories, three and four stars.

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to locate a list of the title of the nine stories otherwise I would know their names but it matters not, they were all fun. A couple of them just turned me upside down with a big "Huh????

    Lemme think a minute. What a genius. If I was going to have a baby I would name him or her for that matter Elmore Leonard. Highest honor I could give Mr. Feb 08, RandomAnthony rated it really liked it. Goddamn, Fire in the Hole is smart fun. I'm not much of a short story reader but Leonard's short stories are the perfect length, almost like well-told bar stories or the best of popcorn movies.

    The title story the genesis of the Justified tv show makes me want to kiss my fingers and say "perfect" like a French waiter or something. Leonard was a treasure. There's not a bad story in the bunch. The only problem is the book's length, short pages that make me want to bang myself on the head wit Goddamn, Fire in the Hole is smart fun.

    The only problem is the book's length, short pages that make me want to bang myself on the head with a tire iron so I can forget the stories and read them anew again.

    I loved that show and still miss it. His most common theme is Disorganised Crime. Even Boyd Crowder, the most competent criminal in the book, is stymied by the gang of neo-nazi morons he runs with. While certain lines are identical, the ending was totally different. Leonard brought Boyd back for Raylan , though, after being inspired by the TV iteration! Even more so than the other stories, though, they were filled with racist, misogynist idiot American men.

    Which can be tiring and trying at the best of times. Damn, these stories are the best. The best. Well, I think it's a law or something that you have to like Elmore Leonard. That one was the best story in the book for me, but, there were some other gems in here as well.

    But, there was one or two that were only a few pages long and kind of left me scratching my head. But, over all if you like Elmore you'll want to add this one to your collection. Mar 21, Collin Henderson rated it really liked it. I might be the only person on here who read the original version, when the women come out to dance, but I'd be lying if I said I approached this book for any other reason than "fire in the hole. The rest of the stories are fun as well, and many deal with previously established characters, such as Karen sisco, who, we find out in this book, has always had a thing for older men who are also criminals.

    It's bite sized chunks of Leonard, with I might be the only person on here who read the original version, when the women come out to dance, but I'd be lying if I said I approached this book for any other reason than "fire in the hole.

    It's bite sized chunks of Leonard, with plenty of suspense and black humor, and even some romance in certain cases. All in all a good read, and a must for any fan of Justified, if only to see how Raylan was first conceived.

    'Justified' Producer Shares Crime Writing Secrets

    Nov 01, William rated it it was amazing. This what I experienced in the third segment of Raylan Givens. It was a bonus for me because I could see the characters from the tv series.

    Feb 14, Lynn G. My reaction to this volume of short stories was rather unexpected. I liked it. I had not expected to. Recently I had begun to read another book by Elmore Leonard Raylan and had disliked it intensely. Couldn't finish it. However, since I belong to a face-to-face book group that is reading books by Elmore Leonard for this month, I wanted to at least try another book by the author so I had something to offer during discussion.

    I decided that the least daunting approach to the dilemma was to choos My reaction to this volume of short stories was rather unexpected. I decided that the least daunting approach to the dilemma was to choose a book of short stories so that if faced with an unreadable story among the lot it was likely that there would be at least one that was tolerable.

    They were all much more than tolerable. Each felt distinct with unique characters. A few were lighthearted, some had very unexpected turns, and each had a satisfying conclusion. While When the Women Come Out to Dance doesn't strictly adhere to the criterion for the book group's challenge, it is close enough. Now that I have had a positive experience reading Elmore Leonard I am thinking a tackling again.

    Oct 02, Tom V rated it really liked it. God Bless Elmore Leonard, and rest in peace, Dutch. These little collected stories have been on display before in an earlier paste-up called When the Women Came Out to Dance I believe that's the title. Nevertheless, if you want to see what it's like to get inside the head of one of the last fifty years' greatest authors, then do yourself a service and dive on in.

    Leonard's prose is so true-to-story, and so "right" for the telling of his story, that I sit and wonder in amazement,"How does he DO God Bless Elmore Leonard, and rest in peace, Dutch.

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    Leonard's prose is so true-to-story, and so "right" for the telling of his story, that I sit and wonder in amazement,"How does he DO that? Come in and meet Raylan Givens before he was "Justified," and a whole 'nother world of characters great and small, and all a hell of a fun time. First book in the Year of Elmore Leonard.

    Elmore Leonard rips off "Justified"!

    This is a collection of short stories that cover both the crime and western genres. There are some familiar names here. A fun Karen Sisco story and a story about the grandson of Carl Webster.

    The highlight for many will be the Raylan Givens story "Fire in the Hole. This is classic Leonard writing and is a pleasure to read. You could read this book straight through and then come back and just savor First book in the Year of Elmore Leonard. You could read this book straight through and then come back and just savor the stories individually from time to time. This is a collection of nine stories by Leonard, including "Fire in the Hole," which was what the TV series Justified was based on.

    That's really the reason I bought the book, but I liked best the final piece, a novella length work called "Tenkiller. The rest are mostly crime tales. No clinkers in the bunch but these three were the best to me.

    I knew I liked watching the series Justified, though I had not cottoned to one book by this author, so I checked out this collection of shorts to give him another try. I really enjoyed these short stories and took time with them. Raylan does make a memorable appearance, but there is good variety to be found here with interesting characters and events. I was 3 0r 4 novellas into this before I realized I owned the original anthology despite delighting in the short stories once again.

    It's Elmore Leonard. It's brillaint. The fogggggg you want out of life? Recommended to Elmore Lenonard fetishists. Dec 31, Kate Simmons rated it it was amazing. This the short story that spawned the FX series, Justified. It is almost word-for-word the pilot episode with a notable difference at the end , and the show has done a great job staying true to the tone of the original story. Jul 26, M. These short stories are deliciously entertaining, great characterisations, lean prose, not a word out of place.

    Great fun to read. When the Women Come Out to Dance is a book of short stories. Each story felt like a TV show that you happen upon when channel surfing and you keep watching because there's nothing else on and you just decide you want to see how the show ends.

    The stories are well-written, but just not the type of stories I like to read.

    Fire in the Hole : Elmore Leonard :

    Jun 30, Kathy rated it really liked it Shelves: This was my first ever Elmore Leonard, which I decided to read because of a recent addiction to the TV series "Justified," which Leonard produces. The stories in this book were enjoyable -- wry, knowing, atmosphere heavy, streetwise, often ironic and funny.

    The story "Fire in the Hole" and "Tenkiller" are the best, but the others were also engaging. I'm ready for more Elmore Leonard! Nov 26, Amy rated it it was amazing. The short story format is just another place to showcase Elmore Leonard's formidable writing chops.

    Nov 22, James Cage rated it really liked it. Good book of short stories. Vivid, memorable characters many having appeared in Elmore Leonard's other books.

    Readers Also Enjoyed. Short Stories. About Elmore Leonard. Elmore Leonard. After serving in the navy, he studied English literature at the University of Detroit where he entered a short story competition. His earliest published novels in the s were westerns, but Leonard went on to specialize in crime fiction and suspense thrillers, many of which have been adapted into m Elmore John Leonard lived in Dallas, Oklahoma City and Memphis before settling in Detroit in His earliest published novels in the s were westerns, but Leonard went on to specialize in crime fiction and suspense thrillers, many of which have been adapted into motion pictures.

    Father of Peter Leonard. Other books in the series. Raylan Givens 4 books. Books by Elmore Leonard.

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